203 How To Deal With Doubt and Impatience + Staying Grounded


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This week I've been having a blast reading and hearing about all of the amazing things you're wishing for.

I especially love to hear stories about people walking into their dream life and dream scenarios.

I’ve also been getting emails, texts and calls from people wondering why the things, relationships and scenarios they’ve been imagining haven’t come true...yet.

When you start dealing with questions like “why, when, how and where” you’re most likely hanging out, or at least flirting with, our good friends doubt and impatience.

Those two, amirite?

Here’s the thing…realizing your imagination literally precedes materiality isn’t something your rational and analytical mind wants to hear, let alone deal with..

It’s way easier to disregard the truth and go back to experiencing reality the way you’re accustomed to experiencing it.

It’s safer.

Or at least it feels safer.

So you throw up threshold guardians in the form of emotions, relationships and thoughts to protect yourself.

Ultimately, that’s what doubt and impatience are.

It’s you trying to shift responsibility back towards the outside world and circumstances (the world of your senses) rather than the real world, your internal world, aka your wonderful human imagination.

Another thing that’s been coming up in conversations is something I’m all too familiar with and therefore is a subject that’s particularly close to my heart.

It is an amazing fact of life that you can live the life of your dreams.

It’s even more amazing that you can drop your fears, insecurities, self-limiting beliefs and all the other BS you may have picked up over time.

What could be better?

But how do you make sure you’re not losing touch with the external world when you start crafting your new one?

Even though the yo'u’re not of this world, you’re definitely still in it.

Here’s a couple of observations that serve as a barometer for where I’m at when it comes to balancing my internal and external realities.

Everything is funny

Not in some insane maniacal laugh kind of way, more of a felt sense of fully perceiving the cosmic wink and joke.

If you can’t laugh at yourself, the world and other objectively hilarious situations you’re probably being too serious.

And honestly, why so serious?

(a note for people who think this means you don’t bear witness to the suffering of the world: that’s not what i’m saying and you know it.)

You love nature

If this stuff is really clicking I guarantee you’ll feel an inextricable pull towards the outdoors.

Nature grounds us and reminds us why we’re here.

More importantly YOU ARE HERE, so don’t try to be somewhere else all of the time. Imagination is real and amazing and fun, but you still open your eyes everyday too.

Getting lost in the psychic and imaginal wonderland can be delightful, but remember you’re here for a reason. Try and remember what it is.

And that’s it.


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