202 The Art of Prayer + The Law of Reversibility


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Oh boy, here we go with the religious stuff...

Here's the truth:

I've prayed when things were hard.

I've prayed when things seemed hopeless. 

I've prayed for money and I've prayed for the Dolphins to win the superbowl (UGH).

But until recently I can confidently say I had no idea what praying really was or how to do it effectively.

Now I can tell you I finally understand what prayer is and how to do it. The beautiful thing is, it's not hard.

My conception of prayer is built on a simple equation:

Imagination + Faith = Prayer

But terms like imagination and faith can be nebulous and mean different things to different people. So let's define them.

By Imagination I mean anything you conceive of with your sense of "I AM." That voice in your head who you call "I."

More specifically that's the creative principle we start with to conceive of what we're praying for. Use the technique in Imaginal Techniques #1 to learn how to use this inherent power effectively and start up-leveling to better versions of yourself.

And by Faith, I just mean what Neville Goddard referred to as "loyalty to the unseen world."

As for the Law of Reversibility...the rest is explained in the episode, what you thought I was gonna write it all out?

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