Episode 77 - The Magic of Pain with Jonathan Foust

This week on Synchronicity I'm joined by esteemed bodyworker, meditation teacher and mystical powerhouse, Jonathan Foust.Jonathan is a master at approaching pain and suffering and getting to the root causes and functionality of pain. He's also the husband of one of my favorite people, Tara Brach.But back to pain...Pain sucks.Or does it?Well, it does. But it also has a function.Often that function is to bring us into the present moment, even if the present moment isn't particularly pleasant.Confronting our pain be it mental, emotional or physical allows us to loosen its grip. This doesn't mean our pain and suffering instantly go away but it does mean we have a choice in how we respond to pain.Is it easy to use pain as an ally?Hell no.Luckily, Jonathan has been working with the body and various types of pain and suffering for decades and has some real insight into how we can approach our own pain, which by extension, allows us to work with the pain of others.Jonathan is easily one of my favorite guests and I'm already looking forward to our next conversation.Be sure to check out Jonathan's podcast on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/jonathan-foust/id455422434?mt=2

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