Episode 78 - Cory Allen Also Loves The Great British Bake Off

If you're a Netflix subscriber or you're from the UK or you're just really good at torrenting you may have seen a show recently called "The Great British Bake Off."This show unquestionably rules and if you haven't seen it check it out.The reason I bring it up is this week's guest, Cory Allen, is also a fan of "The British Bake Off" which adds to his reputation of guy who likes cool things.If you're a long time listener, you may remember Cory from episode 39.Cory hosts a wonderful podcast called The Astral Hustle which happens to be on MindPod Network 😎.Cory is one of the most grounded, down to earth and easygoing people I've come across in my 33 trips around the sun.In this episode, we talk about putting practices into action when you go through tough times.Basically, when the shit hits the fan what can we actually do that helps?So, yeah.That's this episode.And we talk about the baking show too.

Check out Cory over at his website: http://www.cory-allen.com/andCheck out Cory's Meditation Course: Release Into Now