Episode 21 - Politics with Danny Goldberg

Music Biz legend and all-around smart dude, Danny Goldberg returns to Synchronicity.For those who caught the first episode with Danny you know the episode cut off at the end because the battery on my recorder died. For those of you who didn't listen to that episode, well, now you know too.Danny is one of my favorite people to talk to not only because he's objectively cool and insightful but he's also got a real knack for presenting perspectives that I don't know anything about. Case in point, he makes a compelling case for Hillary Clinton for president (even though he's a Bernie Sanders supporter).And yes, in case the title didn't give it away we get deep down in the muck to talk politics for this episode.Topics Discussed In This Episode

  • Compassion in Politics
  • Donald Trump
  • Does Bernie Sanders have a chance?
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Danny shares some practical tips that have helped him
  • Saying things that are true, kind and helpful

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