Episode 20 - Jeremy Johnson

My guest today is the uber-intelligent and incredibly cool, Jeremy Johnson.Jeremy is an editor for Reality Sandwich and a polyphonic enthusiast of all things religion, science fiction, and philosophy (I wish I could take credit for the description but I shamelessly pulled it from his bio.) Let's just say Jeremy is interested in a lot of stuff.One of the things Jeremy and I share a love for is literature and books. Exploring how books affect consciousness was one of my favorite threads of our conversation.Speaking of books I'm giving away a brand new copy of the book we mention in this episode, Whitley Streiber and Jeffrey Kripal's, "The Super Natural." To enter the contest all you need to do is join the Synchronicity Community by clicking this link and entering your email. Good luck! Things Discussed in This EpisodeLiterature and ConsciousnessTransmediaThe Ba'hai FaithThe Evolution of ConsciousnessJeremy's new project, "The Theory of Everybody""Mutants and Mystics" by Jeffrey KripalPsychedelicsSalvia Where to Find Jeremy OnlineJeremy on TwitterJeremy on FacebookLitGeeks Book Club As always, subscribe to Synchronicity if you haven't already and rate and review on iTunes and Stitcher.