Episode 8 - Buddhism and Psychedelics with Allan Badiner

My guest today is editor of a wonderful book called, "Zig Zag Zen." More to the point he's also a wonderful human being. In addition to being a wonderful human being Allan is a writer, eco-activist and all-around wise person.We talk about Buddhism, psychedelics, Burning Man and the future of the world. A lot going on in this one. Below is a brief description of "Zig Zag Zen."The use of psychedelic drugs is that dark little secret behind the popular origins of Eastern spirituality in America, but if they really open the mind in the same ways meditative experiences do, why shouldn't they be legitimated and brought out into the open? In Allan Hunt Badiner and Alex Grey's Zig Zag Zen authors, artists, priests, and scientists are brought together to discuss this question. Opinions fall on all sides. Ram Dass, for instance, discusses the benefits as well as the limitations. Rick Strassman outlines his work in the first federally funded psychedelic study in two-and-a-half decades. Rick Fields sets the historical scene. China Galland offers a wrenching personal experience. Robert Jesse introduces the varieties of entheogens, drugs that engender mystical states. Lama Surya Das tells of his early drug years. And a roundtable discussion with Ram Dass, Robert Aitken, Richard Baker, and Joan Halifax caps it all.

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