197 Imaginal Techniques #4 Social Activism + Anger / Gathering Internal + External Resources / Appropriating States


It’s my birthday (7/20) and I love you so here’s another imagination talk.

The truth that your imagination precedes materiality hits people differently.

Some intuitively understand the reality of the statement, while others glimpse it but have hard time fully grasping it, while others may actively resist the truth.

Threshold Guardians that seem to pop up most commonly for compassionate, caring and open-minded people are typically related to the suffering of others and the external world. This is understandable because suffering in the world is a) objectively bad and b) objectively preventable.

So how do we go about changing injustices in the world?

The only thing I know that works for me in terms of imagining large scale change is starting with myself.

Some may mistake imaginal acts as selfish or passive in that they don’t directly alleviate the suffering of others. This logic presupposes imaginal acts are not specifically designed to awaken you to who you really are, which is a being who is fundamentally aware that they are, in fact, everyone AND an individual at once 

But when moral outrage about an objective injustice boils over into outright anger, the clarity of anger quickly changes into deluded rage.

External reality appears to be objectively real but it is primarily YOU projected outward. When you begin to see the potential growth opportunities external circumstances offer you, you're on the right track.

This doesn’t diminish the importance of bearing witness to the suffering of the world. This is a crucial step that allows you to first heal yourself, then heal the world. It’s beautiful when the logic clicks.

Again, this concept may rub some the wrong way. A friend recently shared that someone she knows revealed a story of abuse at a spiritual organization and was told that the reason it happened was “it was her karma.,” which is not only dumb, but wrong. This type of reckless excuse making for the suffering of others doesn’t take in to account the real reason there’s suffering in the world.

There is suffering in the world because we suffer. When we imagine the only way to get ahead is by having others fall behind, we perpetuate an untenable situation of scarcity, fear and greed.

The good news is there is a direct path to alleviating the suffering of everyone. In linear time this path is unfolding. Remember to take care of yourself, live with an open heart, an open-mind and find others who understand the truth.


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