198 Drugs / Imagination / A Whole New World


I already feel dirty calling substances like LSD, Cannabis and Mushrooms “drugs” but hey, it gets the point across.

But how do psychedelics fit within the truth that imagination precedes materiality?

Those things are material. What gives, Noah?

Here’s the thing. While consciousness altering substances, rituals and any other healing modality you attempt actually work, the reality is all of these things work because we imagine them to work.

Remember, stable imaginal acts become facts.

This also explains why there are so many valid paths for discovering who you are.

Be it the Christian mystic, Sufi, Tibetan Buddhist, South American Shaman or literally any other spiritual path that’s out there, they’re all talking about the same thing at the end of the day, just in different imaginal languages.

Don’t let anyone tell you your way of discovering the true nature of things is wrong.

Find yourself, trust yourself and then dive in to a whole new world, Aladdin style.

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Noah Lampert