215 Recognition/Discernment VS Identification/Judgement


Identification and Judgement

This week I finally figured out a practical strategy for dealing with people who trigger you slash annoy you slash just generally rub you the wrong way.

It’s one thing to recognize that everyone is you, but it’s another to realize everyone is you and to know how to deal with versions of you that very much seem and feel like other people and not you at all.

Maybe we see someone doing something, saying something or just generally acting a way that we know isn’t right.

In the past, for me, this recognition quickly turned into identifying with an opposing viewpoint which is then just a stones throw away from judgement.

Sometimes I’d do a little dance with myself where I’d justify the judgement by looking at the objectively bad action and using that as a support for what was, ultimately, an inability to transmute judgment into discernment.

After the millionth or so time of doing this I finally caught on to how to change the story.


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