Episode 83 - The Game of Life with Michael Collins

When I was a kid I used to lie a lot.I'd lie about washing my hands before dinner.I'd lie about doing homework.I'd lie about being mean to my sister.Basically, if there was something to lie about, I'd lie about it.As I got older I realized the more complex the lies I told got, the harder it was to keep track of everything.If I lied to a friend about not being able to hang out because I was seeing a movie, I'd have to concoct a whole backstory about what movie I saw, where I saw it, who I saw it with.It was exhausting.Besides being exhausting it didn't feel good to lie to other people.One of the worst parts about chronic lying is eventually you start to lie to yourself.And this is where this email about lying connects to the latest episode of Synchronicity.My guest this week is Michael Collins.We discuss how Michael's inquisitive nature has been the driving force behind his life, video games and competing at a high level.I met Michael out in Los Angeles during the MIND / WAVE event we had in March.Besides being an incredibly smart and easy going dude, Michael introduced me to some incredible card games (Splendor, BANG!, 7 Wonders anyone?) and a little something called the KingPen.Cool dude.