Episode 81 - The Magickal Jason Louv

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Do you believe in magic?Actually, that's a shitty question and also the name of a Lovin' Spoonful song.Sorry about that.Let me try again.What's your definition of magic?For me, magic is anything that pierces the veil which obscures the true nature of reality.Which begs the question, what is the true nature of reality?Is that something we can even comprehend as human beings?My guest this week is someone who's well accustomed to piercing the veil.For the last fifteen years, Jason Louv has explored the outer reaches of human culture and possibility, through science fiction and journalistic expeditions into some of the world’s strangest belief systems.My kinda dude.In this episode we talk about magic, magick, occultism, the far-right of the occult world...and honestly, it's a 70 minute conversation what am I gonna list the whole thing out?Also, be sure to check out Jason's free course on Magick here ----> free.magick.me/offer
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