#120 // Jack Carroll Returns

>Jack is back!Jack Carroll is a British comedian and actor. Carroll competed in the seventh series of Britain's Got Talent at the age of 14, finishing as the runner-up. As an actor, he has appeared in two series of the CBBC Channel show Ministry of Curious Stuff and most recently has starred in the new series of Trollied.

Show Notes

6:04 Jack's back.

8:02 Why it's hard to be a stand-up comedian right now.

10:55 On the Crypto Vortex & the News

13:02 Jack on life is 2018

14:55 On the Difference between the Leaders of America and England.

17:03 On Chaos, Evolution & Waking Up

19:05 Why our culture is becoming so extreme in our opinions.

21:38 What makes a great comedian?

22:17 What positive Black Mirror episodes Noah recommends

23:30 Why Jack thinks WestWorld is one of the best new TV Shows.

24:49 Where Gnostic Christianity, Creation Stories, and WestWorld meet.

26:49 Are things Binary?

27:39 The shows Noah resonates with.

30:33 Jack on the Key to Creativity

32:44 When playing video games is the best move.

34:50 What doing nothing feels like.

35:51 On Crypto and the Collective

36:37 On Struggle versus Abundance

38:11 Who watches CNN 13 hours a day?

41:07 On Wealth bubbles, Weinstein, and Abuse of Power

46:25 Who wants to own the news?

49:10 What's happening to Reality?

53:33 What Jack's NOT doing in February

56:10 What Jack's up tp in 2018?

58:14 Quickfire Questions