225 Imagination Questions & Answers #3


Your imagination questions answered, part 3!


1. How do you appropriate states of consciousness? How do I imagine I’m always in a state of creative flow?

2. Will the scene occur only if I truly believe it? Also, if this is easily testable on an individual level, than why is there no research behind this? 

3. How does this work for really big things like the lottery? What if 100 people imagined something for someone? Is it proportional?

4. When you’re imagining getting yourself into a higher frequency does it feel like you’re losing your mind? I get to the point where I feel great but then immediately don’t allow myself to feel like that. What gives?

5. I’ve been experiencing an uptick in “negative” experiences after success. WTF!?

6. Does masturbation or abstinence tie into your imagination techniques? What about trippier things like sigil magick and using orgasm to fire intention? Where does discipline and control fit in?

7. Can you share some specific focus techniques?

8. The repellent principle. What is it and please expand?

9. How do I stay focused on my mind and body feeling good when I don’t have mental clarity or energy to hold visualizations or imaginal acts? It feels like I’m struggling with consistency for lack of a platform of healthy self as a starting point.

10. How to hold a state without getting frustrated or impatient.

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