Synchroncity Generosity Experiment #1

It's cool you made it here.The idea behind the Synchronicity Generosity Experiments is to send money to organizations or individuals who could use a little love in the form of money.If you don't want to read what this all about and just want to contribute GO HERE. 

Here's how it works

Contribute to the experiment via the Sync Generosity Experiment GoFund Me page.Your contribution will be pooled together with everyone else who contributes and on August 17th we'll start determining where we send the money. 


I found two causes that I think are worthy of being recipients of the first generosity experiment.The first option is Help for Finn.Read about Finn here: The second option is supporting the Tangi Humane Society in Louisiana which recently experienced devastating flooding.Read more about Tangi here: [poll id="1"] Interested to see how this turns out.Again, if you want to contribute to the campaign here's the link for the Generosity Experiment on GoFund Me: