Episode 43 - Habits with Hugh Byrne

My guest today is meditation teacher and pleasant fellow, Hugh Byrne.Hugh Byrne teaches meditation and works with people to cultivate mindfulness in daily life. His approach is deeply informed by family and culture, human rights and social justice—and the good fortune of encountering Buddhist teachings 30 years ago.Hugh came to meditation when his decades-long career spent remedying human injustice revealed the root cause of conflict that he'd failed to tackle. Hugh came to understand—and know personally—that the anger and fear within us engender harmful behavior. Thus he began the transformational practice and study of Buddhist insight meditation.Hugh's written a fantastic book, "The Here and Now Habit"Check out his book here: https://goo.gl/nK4WWnTopics Discussed

  • The Evolution of Habits
  • How to build effective habits
  • Lizards Brain vs Thinking Brain
  • Khaneman's System 1 and System 2
  • 4 Types of Dissatisfaction
  • Buddhist Psychology and Modern Life
  • Starting with Yourself
  • Mindful Politics
  • Social Activism and Mindfulness

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