Episode 25 - Biet Simkin

My guest today is meditation teacher, musician and all around creatrix, Biet Simkin who's based out of NYC.Biet is a wonderful example of someone who's let her inner life guide her external life (is there really a difference?) which is working out pretty pretty great for her. As you'll hear in the episode Biet is also an incredibly genuine and love-filled person. Coincidentally, my favorite type of person!Biet is also leading guided sound meditations at Further Future a music and lifestyle festival taking place April 29 through Sunday May 1, 2016 at the Moapa River Indian Reservation near Las Vegas, Nevada. More details inside the episode but Further Future is going to be an amazing time and experience and if I didn't have a baby due right when it was taking place I'd be attending.Find out more about Further Future here: http://www.furtherfuture.com/Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • The blessing of Biet's tragic upbringing
  • Biet's father, Grigori Simkin
  • Overcoming depression and addiction
  • Biet's musical career
  • Changing your mind to change your life
  • Surrendering Suffering
  • Listening to your inner voice
  • Radical Joy
  • Being Sober and Getting High (off your own supply)

Closing song is "Si Do Hymn" from Biet's most recent album, "The Lunar"As always, subscribe to Synchronicity on iTunes and Stitcher and rate and review if you haven't already.Many thanks to Jordan from The Confluence for linking me and Biet. You rule Jordan!