Episode 18 - Sean Dunne

Recently I had the pleasure of sitting down with slash ingesting cannabis pixie sticks with filmmaker and highly tuned-in person, Sean Dunne at his apartment in Brooklyn.Sean has made some truly incredible documentaries (Trump Rally, Oxyana, Florida Man, Cam Girlz, American Juggalo) which you can (and should) check out over on his website (FOR FREE): http://www.veryape.tv/Sean and I met once last year but this time we really had a chance to connect and learn more about each other and am very glad we did. Credit to Michael Donovan for linking us up.We talk about marijuana, DMT, psychedelics, veganism, Sean's super awesome films, Donald Trump and a whole bunch of other stuff.Note: I am a big time potty mouth in this episode and basically every mind-altering substance is mentioned so now you've been warned.Things Discussed in this episode

  • Marijuana
  • Mushrooms
  • DMT
  • Veganism
  • Sean's Amazing Documentaries
  • Donald Trump (DRUMPF)
  • Your Life (and Work) as a Spiritual Path
  • Donald Trump (again)

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