Episode 15 - Buddhism and Happinesss with Sharon Salzberg

25-Sharon-SalzbergMy guest today is the wonderful and wise and extremely lovely Sharon Salzberg.We discuss a variety of Buddhist concepts including The Five Hindrances, The Paramitas and The Three Buddhist Personality Types.We also discuss anger, the mindfulness movement, her teacher Dipa Ma (who encouraged her to teach meditation in the West) and-- actually, you know what? Give it a listen if you want to hear what else is in there.Soundcloud version of this episode here. FYI, this will be the last Soundcloud version of the show.Episode Links The book Sharon is reading right now: Always Smiling by Lama TsomoSharon's WebsiteSharon's 28-Day Meditation ChallengePhil Jackson's book "Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success"Don't forget to Subscribe to Synchronicity.Also, rate and review Synchronicity on iTunes. This helps and I'm bribing people to do it (details in episode)Image Credit: Michael Donovan