Episode 66 - Daniele Bolelli

Here's a thought experiment for you:Imagine the worst thing you can possibly think of.Now imagine you actually had to live through whatever scenario your extremely creative brain just came up with.My guest this week had to live out his own nightmare scenario when his wife and mother to his young daughter suddenly was diagnosed with brain cancer.This is a reality few of us can possibly conceive of, let alone have to live through.Daniele Bolleli has been on my radar for a while now but when five friends mentioned his name to me in a week I knew it was time to reach out.In this weeks episode Daniele and I discuss what the function of suffering is and what being "Not Afraid" (the name of Daniele's latest book) really means.Lots of wisdom on how to process difficult experiences from a modern day philosopher.

Daniele Bolelli has two excellent podcasts that I highly recommend you check out:The Drunken TaoistHistory on Fire